Thursday, May 7

Prayers for today? What?

[Image stolen from Bay of Fundie]

The "National Day of Prayer" is a silly convention that Washington DC uses to suck up to the constituency that is comforted by such nonsense. If you pray daily this kind of political fellating makes little difference, and if you don't, the National Day of Prayer "reminder" is jingoism, pure and simple.


On topic, Americans United has a new homepage design and an article on this National Day of Prayer mumbo jumbo -- well worth a click.


An update to my Kent State Massacre story: the sister of slain student Allison Krause has a blog and a very meaningful post on the anniversary of her sister's death. Check it out. Thanks to Sad But True at Les Enrages for bringing that to my attention.


  1. true. if you pray why need a big reminder from the federal government and if you don't, then a national day isn't going to do much but piss people off.

    it just reminds me of the people i knew that were some of the biggest hypocrites in my church but every sunday and holy day of obligation, there they were in the front pews.


    thanks for the link. have to check it out.

  2. I'm praying for more sanity in government.

  3. I'm praying for the demise of the GOP, fundies of all stripes, and a return to the rule of law when it comes to a policy of torture. My prayers probably won't get answered since I'm an atheist.

  4. i had to go to a fundie wedding awhile back. there was a sweet little boy there with pretty blue eyes. when i remarked to the boy's mom about how pretty her son's eyes were. she said "yes, as lovely and blue as the savior's!"
    (others i hear have been told that jesus had blue eyes so i guess it's a group halucination)

    i just left it at that and hope to go home soon.

  5. Did you see Steven Colbert's piece on the National Day of Prayer? HILARIOUS!!!! It's on my blog in case you missed it.

    Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart make life worth living. ;-)

  6. As per the biggest hypocrits going to church, so true ... but I think they need the reminding of how to be good people the most. That's basically why I go to Church ... to remember what a good person is supposed to do.


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