Wednesday, January 13

Awesome comment of the day.

Wait til they find out Obama is paid 400k a year by the taxpayers and HE IS SHAMELESSLY SHILLING FOR HIS PLAN!

- John Cole at Balloon Juice, worth the click if you watch the liberal blogs

Taking the rest of the day off to be quiet and clean my yarn studio, part two. I tweeted some fellow knitters (who were kvetching about having too much yarn) my old saw:

No one ever told Van Gogh he had too many colors of paint. Yarn is your palette. That said, don't lose sight of your artistic vision: get rid of anything that you don't have a plan for or that doesn't inspire you.

I think that applies to bloggers, too. You don't have to post on everything all the time, and sometimes listening is more important than typing. My prayers and a couple of my dollars go to Haiti today.


  1. Agree! But then again I don't have a pack rat mentality that allows me to keep stuff around very long. I purge my stash about once a year and since I've started cataloging it on Ravelry, I'm sure more will be leaving my clutch.

    However, I am madly in love with Malabrigo so have been buying too much of that lately. Am wanting to try some of the lace weight next. And I have some Noro sock yarn that's been calling my name lately.

  2. Exactly. It's so important to throw out 'onto the knitting waters' yarn you will never use. Same for books, dishes, kids' clothes, etc. If you'll never read them or never read them again, give them away. There are all kinds of decluttering programs out there and Ravelry also has swaps and forums for getting rid of yarn.

  3. i have always believed in giving things away.thanks for the reminder.

  4. Its not so much the yarn... I would sleep with it if I could, but I share my bed with my husband. Its the OTHER bazillion things... lol... (**ahem** duck). I am in the purge mode right now anyways, but I'll not share my malabrigo thankee!
    lol... (the word verification is whispering...koryorn...kureyorn... kureyon... I'm not kidding. oh google... how you get me.)


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