Sunday, January 17

My entries for The New Yorker 2010 "Eustace Tilly" contest

The New Yorker is holding a contest to re-model their icon Eustace Tilly for a chance to provide free content and traffic generation to their site to show off your artistic talents at a national level. There's no prize except if you win, your artwork will be part of a featured slideshow on their site. Then as soon as you enter your art is at the gallery at their site anyway. Hm.

Still, as a photoshop exercise it's actually kind of fun and BG recommended. If you enter or just make one for fun let us know in comments...

I had no idea before this weekend that the purple butterfly was a symbol of Lupus Awareness. Of course, even though it's not Lupus, House MD has done a lot to increase Lupus awareness himself.

Orly Taitz holds up her monacle to that document she says does not exist. The New Yorker frequently plays with the letter 'O' in their covers, I thought the seal of Hawaii made a good fit.

PS You do have to register at the New Yorker site to enter or comment.


  1. Ohh, that second one is great!

    House seems to inform more on what lupus isn't than what it is, which I suppose still brings awareness to the disease. ;)

    (Has that ever been the diagnosis? I know it's always on the first list. ;)

  2. Yes, in the fall of 2007, there was an episode where it actually was Lupus. I haven't seen it yet.

  3. That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well, clearly the one featuring Law Dentist Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. DDS™ has to be the winner. It’s Orlycious! Plus, it if she gets a hunnert large for the cover, like Caribou Barbie an’ her brood did for that In Touch cover, or whatever the hell it was, it’ll help her defer the latest sanctions entered against her in whatever bullshit frivolous case she’s been sanctioned for lately. Taitz, that is. So that’s nice.

  5. Damn you, typos. Damn you to hell.

  6. instead of reading vicious lies on this site, why don't you read a truthful account of my legal actions on my site
    This is not my picture, you can find my picture on my site.
    Finally, I was sanctioned only once by a corrupt judge in GA, who was seeking to promote his career at the expense of intimidating me and any attorney who dares to represent members of US military against this Kenyan communist fraud usurper Barack Hussein Obama. Instead of attacking me, why don't you go to the White House and demand an answer from Obama: "why doesn't he have a valid SS bnumber of his own, why is he using 042-68-4425, which was issued in CT to another individual, why is he refusing to unseal the original BC, that is supposed to show the name of the Doctor and the hospital? Why is he using this piece of garbAge, he posted on the Net, without the name of the hospital, name of the doctor and signatures?" When you get an answer from Obama, e-mail me
    Orly Taitz


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