Wednesday, January 6

A hilarious video for the birthers!

I made this video back in July, and I can't BUH-lieve it's still relevant. But now the two headed snake is eating itself (via C&L, who smartly links to the cached page so as not to give a birther site additional traffic). Here's just one comment from a birther about the horrible Fox News conspiracy to silence birther "truth":

Beck had to go to Fox from CNN. Fox must have made him sign a contract that he would not mention the ineligibility of BHO. Hannity, probably same thing. Where would Beck go if he wasn’t at Fox? Not that it matters to me, but I think he can’t talk about this. Several of his subs over the holidays did mention it. I don’t really think Beck or Hannity are solidly conservative. You can’t compartmentalize when it comes to freedom and liberty.

The person to “get to” is Savage. He often mentions how bho is ineligible, but he needs to start mocking the others for not mentioning it. It may be possible to reach Rush, but not sure.

So if you're 'solidly conservative,' you have to be a birther. This is like a mentally ill person screaming the sky is green: the media's only apparent option is to debate and argue with him about the color of the sky, but you can't address the issue that the person you're talking to is CRAZY. And then the crazy person starts arguing with the media about their attempt to "silence" him? The only thing Fox can do is walk away and hope no one notices that the inmates of the asylum are their core audience.

I still don't understand how the birthers can place Obama's nativity in a place where his mother's vagina was not. There is no evidence, in fact, there is a lot of proof, that she was in Hawaii for nearly all of the 1960's. They're called birthers but they have no concept of how that event takes place.

This 'solidly conservative birthers' versus Fox/Rush/Beck would be really fun to watch if it weren't so pathetic.


  1. The Cokie Monster!

    I loved this movie during the summer, and I still love it now.

    Best regards,


  2. I love the Constitution since I was born in DEE-Troit, which means I am a dual US-UK citizen (reverse Obama)! Sure, having two passports screws up my chances of US political office, but why should I care?

    I find it interesting that McCain was born in Panama. Somehow that seems to be lost in this debate.

    Me senses raging hypocracy!

    I never realised that Cokie Roberts was a facist. This reinforces my belief that the Beeb and Radio Nederland are MUCH better sources of News than NPR. Despite any pretenses otherwise, the Beeb is lefty as heck: how else could they get away with having Andrew Marr as a presenter?

  3. i have always questioned whether or not fox news was a true "conservative" news source... except for the "conservative" part.

  4. Don't be ridiculous, Blue Gal. Everyone knows that Hawaii imports most of its cabbages from Kenya, and Mrs. Obama could easily have picked up Baby Hussein at the market, smuggled into America by operatives of Pre Qaida.

    Your arguments to the contrary prove nothing.

    BTW, excellent movie, I missed it first time 'round. ;)

  5. Myrtle Beach, really? 1st time I have seen this. Well done. Congrats on 2500th post. WooHoo!

  6. If one of these nuts suggested that Barack Obama was born on Mars, the media would be obliged to act as if that nut had a legitimate point of view.

  7. Preston12:50 PM

    Because of inbreeding the bigots will ultimtely die off… who care what the say.


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