Friday, January 1

If your New Year's Resolution is to write and blog more.

Blue Gal blog queen

Take it from the blog queen, you can do it! To paraphrase Imaginary Boyfriend II, 'I am blogger, and so can you!'

Here's what you do: Take a page out of my book. I'll hit 2500 total posts four days or less from now, yay! Be inspired by the fabulous Phydeau Speaks, who posted for 775 days in a row. (I'm too busy writing to go back and count the last time I skipped.)

You don't have to start out with these kind of crazy long-term goals. It's better not to. Do what all those motivational speakers say will develop a habit: post every day for three weeks, until the 21st of this month. Start today. Write something.

'Digby-Atrios-FDL-Blue Gal says' posts with no additional writing from you, DO NOT COUNT. Write about the snowflakes on your window in light of the individuality of each person you met today. Write about what your hopes are for your unborn great-grandchildren. Write about the time your parents came to visit you and all of a sudden you realized they were insecure, distracted, less-than-perfect adult humans just like you.

Write about how torn you are about Rush Limbaugh versus Oprah Winfrey and which "passing" would leave more dull-faced morans roaming the streets desperate for someone to tell them what to think. And how we all will be living our best life once they are gone.

Write a play in the style of Kafka from the standpoint of Rahm Emmanuel's missing finger.

When you've written 21 posts in a row, write me. I'd love to celebrate you with a link to my blog.

Happy New Year.


  1. See you in three weeks, girlfriend.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement BG.
    Happy New Year to you & yours!
    From the other Fran

  3. 'Gal, you've been an inspiration since Day One.

    Well actually, since before Day One, when you helped me get started (much, I imagine, to your everlasting chagrin!)


    Happy New Year, and yeah, I'll try harder in 2010.

  4. I was born a loghorrheic douchebag, and spent my formative years waiting for the advent of blogging!

    BTW, thanks for the holiday card! You are now on our list and will get one next year!

  5. That sounds like too much work. How about if I eat chocolate cake instead?

    Happy New Year, Blue Gal! :o)

  6. Happy New Year, Fran!

    and thanks for the inspiration and smiles! :)

  7. happy new year-me? i haven't missed but a few days since july of 05. i NEVER shut up! ; )

  8. My problem is keeping myself from writing too many blog posts.


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