Monday, January 11

Under[pants] statement of the day

Like I don't tell my own kids this three hundred times a day:

“...if everyone behaves, there won’t be any problems.”

-- Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority spokesman Joe Pesaturo, commenting on the "No Pants on the T" event held yesterday. (h/t Mountjoy at MPS)


In related news: People who take the train over the Rocky Mountains in January and complain about being delayed should have their pants taken away from them.


Once you're pant-less, "Anyone can be better served by having more sex." Thank you, Captain Obvious!


Things that DON'T make my photoshop fingers itch: Rod Blagojevich saying he's blacker than Obama. Well, maybe a little tingle:


Salon tonight. Happy Monday!



  1. Sonya3:54 PM

    I know this isn't a knitting blog, but....

    In Seattle, we had a pants-less rider of Light Rail interviewed on the news last night. Not only was this man pants-less but HE was knitting. I was so proud. :)

  2. That panty bus riding crowd makes me want to use disinfecting wipes.

    Somehow sitting on that naugahide bus seating seems... sticky & icky.


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