Monday, January 4

Salon Tonight, but no Weblog Awards this year.

Weblog awards have been cancelled
, either due to lack of money (haven't they heard of asking for Paypal donations?) or lack of technological prowess (ahem). I won't pass judgment, except to say the quitting seemed very Wasilla-by-the-lake to me.

And yes, I did look forward to competing mano-a-maniac with Pammy Atlas. I won't link to her, you know, but here is a post by her from today, cut and pasted in its entirety:

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger ........ Obama's going to damn near kill us. Man up, America. Every free thinking, liberty loving, self reliant, rugged individual must rise up to destroy our in-house enemy - the leftist/Islamic alliance.

I mean, I REALLY looked forward to going up against that in the Weblog Awards. Really.

Really really really.

Oh well.

UPDATE: (h/t Suburban Guerilla) The Koufax Awards are re-emerging. No chance for a match up with Pammy there, though.

Salon tonight 9 Eastern
. Hope to see you there.


  1. Oh, all the fun I'm going to miss...The one-sided witty repartee followed by the sound of one hand clapping (to the forehead), the single-player bon mots that leave impact craters like a sledgehammer on a fresh hog carcass, and the lonely tears of impotent fury that can only be soothed by cheap gin on the rocks and a poorly edited videotape of John Bolton's greatest UN ragegasms.

    Darn you all to Heck, Weblog Awards.


  2. By Miss Atlas' reasoning we should be a strong nation for the Bush-Cheney failure.

  3. I'm glad their ending. No more free advertising for the crazy. The Weblog Awards skewed right anyhow. A former co-worker would win for some minor blog category in which he would pontificate on world issues, etc., and I'm sure none of his readers knew that he took and failed the state bar exam at least twice. Never did pass it.

  4. I must not be a part of the Left. I don't even know any Muslims.

  5. I would be more depressed about the awards having been canceled if I had remembered to enter. Last year my blog came in "middle-of-the-pack" in the Best Technology Blog department, so I was bummin' that I had forgotten to pimp it this year when the nominations were open.

    Oh well. Glory Days, like Bruce said, gone in the wink of a young girl's eye.

    But anyway, I love your blog all the more anywho, and if you get a moment, would you blog about the extra value that those words "young girl's" add to that Springsteen lyric? I think I would like to read that.


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