Wednesday, January 13

Rush Limbaugh says Haiti produces "zilch, zero, nada."

As a commenter at C&L pointed out, "I'm awaiting the karma." (Rush's, ahem, "comment" is at Media Matters, of course.)


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Whereas Rush produces lots of methane....It's hard not to express support for violence against fascists at times like this (after all, this logic is supported by judges in Kansas). Hundreds of thousands of people probably died in Haiti, and this worthless overfed, pill addicted, fascist thinks it is funny.

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  3. Thanks Jason I don't do the quid pro quo link exchange thing. But you're welcome to have that link here in comments. Best of luck to you.

  4. Limbaugh is toast.

    He doesn't realize how many conservative (ahem) Christians are working on missions in Haiti.

    They will not approve his comments.

    No qpq there.

  5. I am unclear where and for what reason you disagree with what Rush has stated. Or is it that you'd just prefer he not state unpleasant truths? I would be very interested in a more in depth analysis and statement of your own position, as well as supporting evidence.

  6. All Rush produces is hot air.


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