Monday, March 22

As a result of last night's vote,

[My mashup of the Katie Abram interview - made August 2009]

Katie Abram's son's insurance will not be cancelled if he gets sicker. And if she changes policies she cannot be turned down because of her son's pre-existing condition.

I'm happy for you Katie.

Worried still about the individual mandate. Will those mothers whose children lost their health insurance because the vicious fucks in the Arizona state legislature cancelled their kids' SCHIP insurance, be forced to buy insurance? Will they get subsidies? I thought they HAD subsidies.

This vote is reported to lose Arizona some 42,000 jobs.

This is not a spending problem, it is a "no taxes ever" selfish evil immoral mindset. Republican Governor, Republican Legislature. Party line vote.

Arizona is a cheap-ass state which pays their legislators $24,000 a year. That's it. If you refuse to raise taxes ever, pay your legislators next to nothing, and basically deride any effort to pay for a decent society, you should have your Social Security check cancelled forever.

I'd be doing some major effigy burning outside the State House if I were Arizonian. The fact that the Republican legislature there found it easier to cancel medical insurance for children than to raise LIQUOR taxes? They can go to hell.


  1. She looooves her $5000 deductible & admits, maybe she's not so smart.

    For the average American, the $5000 deductible is a large % of total income AND I bet it does not end there.... it's plus co pays & other out of pocket expenses, as well as the cost of the insurance premium itself.

    Bend over lady-- your health care "system" is being delivered.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    And her cost can be increased 40% immediately.

    But she's thrilled.

    Color me amazed at the (non)educational system these people must have partaken of (again).

  3. That was weird. I didn't sign on as "Anonymous."

    That's my comment above.

  4. You and I know that Arizona's state legislators are getting paid way more than $24k a year. And that's the problem. Job for the wife or husband or kids. Honoria for speaking about any damn thing, etc. I've never visited Arizona. No desire to go there now (plus my father's evil sister lives surprise).

  5. I forgot about her! Awesome video, Blue Gal. ;o)


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