Saturday, March 20

Saturday Night Song

Driftglass didn't just get linked by James Wolcott. James Wolcott let Driftglass speak for him.

DG may never speak to us little people ever again.

To quote Morrissey, aah ha ah hahaha ha hahahaha oh hohoho....

(Congratulations, big guy.)


  1. Oh!

    Teh Awwsummness rulz :-D

    But lest JimmyJames forget - "Heeee's Oourrszzz.. Heeeeess ourr Prrrreccciousssss"


    you guys already know you rock, but I reckon having a nod from JW is still
    superuberF'n kewl!

  2. Goodness, I hope the imprimatur of this raffish Wolcott fellow doesn't lead young 'glass down a crimson path of iniquity...too quickly.



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