Wednesday, March 24

To the censors who say you can't mention "vagina" in a tampon ad

Why on earth you would want to mess with me at this particular time...

Richard Adams at the Guardian:

For years, advertising for tampons and "sanitary products" have been shrouded in nebulous euphemism. So what happens when a US tampon-maker drops the coy messaging and goes straight for the jugular (so to speak)? Its ad gets banned by the major US television networks for mentioning the word vagina.

Even when the company substituted "down there" for vagina, two of the networks still wouldn't run the ad, so the company was forced to drop the idea altogether.

Don't get me started on all that FDS vagina stink spray stuff.

I call bs on this, a black box with texting-like "U" on the cover, and an ad designed to get the big bad censors' panties in a twist? So it goes viral and is decryed on, oh, you know, feminist blogs? Ruh roh.


  1. Ack! Is that what those things are for... ;o)

  2. It could be dumber. Do you remember when bra models on TV had to wear them on the outside of their clothes?

    And did you ever notice no one actually takes a drink in an alcohol ad?

  3. Can't say vagina but "erectile dysfunction" is ok? I suppose saying lame dick would be a no-no though, yes?

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I blame John Calvin...

  5. heck-if we can have "smil'n bob" we can damn well say vagina.

  6. i guess this means i can forget pitching my, "damn, your pussy stinks!" ad?


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