Thursday, March 25

Oh jeez, look who wants a "Tea Party Without Nuts."

[Click image for bigger and better.]

Sorry Tom, that just isn't on the menu.


  1. Just look at that nutty nut!


  2. The linked article says this:

    My definition of broken is simple. It is a system in which Republicans will be voted out for doing the right thing (raising taxes when needed).

    Damned near spit out my coffee!

    Republicans---- doing the right thing?????

    Taxes or otherwise... but maybe this guy was not paying attention-- Bush1 raised taxes, but Bush2, the scourge of America for 8 long & well, torturous years, gave tax breaks to the rich.

    I guess that makes him a kind of Reverse Robin Hood???

    I've been paying attention, and frankly, I can;t name one positive thing the repugs have done right. Not one.


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