Monday, March 29

PHOTO(shop): Michael Steele at the Hollywood Sex Club

steele 1

Like Steele himself, I could not resist.

Minus Mister Steele, that is an actual publicity image from Voyeur, btw.


  1. Michael Steele is one of the most reliably entertaining figures in party politics.

    Understanding him gets a little easier when you find out who's coaching him:

    Link to satire video

    (Scroll to 0:48 for the answer)

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hmmm....maybe Elliot Spitzer or John Edwards should have been shopped in....naw would've been too obvious

  3. Both sides do it, John, but Ensign, Vitter, Sanford and Steele are still GOP employed operatives. The GOP is allowing the first three to draw a salary from the taxpayers. SHAME.


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