Sunday, March 7

Photoshop work in progress

Click image for larger. Those right wingers are crazy, man....


  1. Oh ho, mixed nuts.


  2. May I suggest a tightly strapped ball in O'Reilly's pie-hole? He still looks dangerous, even in his nice new jacket.

  3. But they aren't nutty.

    I'd wager that every word they say is scripted and paid for my their Murdoch backers.

    If they made a mistake (and got something right) now and then, it'd be easier to see them as fruitcakes.

    But their act is just too tight.

    Thanks for your artistry, BG.

    You rock always.


  4. I'm with Suzan. Except Palin; she could be nuts. But the other guys are just soulless and willing to say anything for a buck.

    This is Ubermilf in disguise.

  5. Is that 'crazy good' or 'crazy bad'?


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