Wednesday, March 10

Dear Blog Buddies: We need a new eff word.

Because saying the old eff word three thousand times at a deafening decibel level doesn't even come close to my reaction to the latest cover of Time Magazine, wondering why Washington is frozen while offering up Newt Gingrich's "Blueprint for Bipartisanship," in which he concludes:

Republicans have much less to lose [in the healthcare debate] than the President does. If they offer good solutions and work with Democrats to find areas of agreement, they will have met the country's test for bipartisanship. If they refuse to support Big Government, big-spending legislation, they will have a vast majority of the country on their side.

No, Newt. Here is the new meme on healthcare:

The Republican Party and certain Conservadems refuse to regulate the extremely greedy and bad-for-Americans insurance industry.

And fuck you. Sorry, that doesn't even begin to cut it.


  1. agreed. there would be No Need to debate any government plan IF we could only Regulate The Insurance Industry, something no elected official would dare recommend, except maybe Alan Grayson. (who'd I'd vote for if i could).

  2. Why do you respect and/or worry about what's in Time Mag in the first place?

    I figured out its significance to real debate back in college in the 60's. (Nada.) Yes. Lots of people pretend to think it shapes opinion, but who are they really?

    Followers of Henry Luce, Clare Booth?

    Not worth your slightest brow wrinkle, BG.

    Sorry to take up so much of your space, but you should peruse this:

    In the Feb. 7, 1941 issue of Life magazine, founder and publisher Henry Luce authored and signed an editorial, "The American Century," announcing that the American Synarchists intended to rule the world at the close of the war and impose their own jaded version of "American values" on the world, through "any means necessary." Luce's thesis was reproduced and mass-circulated throughout the United States.

    The populations of the world, exhausted from the destruction of war and the bestiality of Hitler, Stalin, and Hiroshima, naturally hoped for something better. But the universal glimmer of optimism, of being able to rebuild, was further shattered when Allen Dulles, John J. McCloy, and their associates, including Luce, deployed to create the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), whose explicit purpose was to launch a fascist assault on truth as science and on Classical culture.

    Time magazine was created in 1923 as a mouthpiece for the American Synarchists, grouped around the banking interests of J.P. Morgan. It is hardly a coincidence that, simultaneous to the launching of Time, in Europe, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, another leading Synarchist, was launching his Pan-European Union, which would be a leading propaganda vehicle for the winning of support among Europe's financial oligarchy for the "Hitler-Mussolini" universal fascism project.

    Henry Luce was just out of Yale University, where he was a member of the secret society Skull and Bones (class of 1920). Morgan funnelled Luce start-up cash, and Luce tapped numbers of his friends from his secret brotherhood to create and run what would become a propaganda empire. In 1930, for example, Luce chose Russell Davenport, an intimate Bonesman, to become Fortune magazine's first editor-in-chief.

    Initial members of the board of directors of Time included Henry P. Davison, Jr., a fellow classmate and Bonesman, whose father was a senior partner at J.P. Morgan. Davison brought in Dwight Morrow, another Morgan partner, to finance the start-up. Morgan interests were further strengthened, when in 1927, John Wesley Hanes was placed on the board. Start-up funding also came from William Hale Harkness, a board member, who was related to Rockefeller partner Edward S. Harkness.

    Luce's personal lawyer, who would come to represent his entire media empire, was his brother-in-law Tex Moore, of Cravath, deGersdorff, Swaine and Wood, the same firm which deployed both Allen and John Foster Dulles to facilitate bringing Hitler to power in the early 1930s.

    Henry Luce Rules


  3. What Suzan said. Time is irrelevant. The only time I even see an issue is at some doctor's offices...but fewer and fewer. And Newsweek apparently is on its last legs as well.


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