Wednesday, March 17

Tell it to the kid with the pre-existing condition.

Markos promises to primary Kucinich if he votes against HCR. Jane Hamsher threatens her wrath if he votes yes. I left a comment at Guys from Area 51, who did a photoshop of Markos as Scarface.

Can you do one with Jane Hamsher threatening Kucinich for SUPPORTING HCR?

Combined with the current lovely image, it would make a great two-panel depicting the A-list's totally undeserved self-importance.

Who the hell threatens people like Sanders and Kucinich? Are we burning our copies of Howard Zinn next? Defaming Noam Chomsky?

Will doing any of the above get me on The Ed Show? Ooooh really?

The sad fact is lots of people in this country are making money off of sick people, which has slowed reform until it hardly deserves the name and barely deserves the votes. I suspect some bloggers have found a gravy train of their own on this HCR issue; they certainly have in terms of air time. Good for them. Don't expect that it doesn't change you to have that particular kind of skin in the game.

And don't be complete doucheitudes and expect a return of your campaign donations when the vote doesn't go your way. You're admitting that you paid for a vote, and even Blago isn't that stoopid.

Speaking of Blago, I wouldn't be surprised to see all the contributions get returned and a certain blogosphere firebrand be forced to go apprentice with The Donald just to get any airtime on the teevee in three or four seasons. It's an arc, and it's a hunger, don'cha know. There but for the grace of Rachel Maddow go you, Ms. Hamsher.

Threatening the few actual liberals in Congress does not impress me. Neither does burning crops. Really? This is how you get reform? Sigh.

PS Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I'm off the computer today. xo


  1. StonyPillow6:55 AM

    You wouldn't want us all to be taking marching orders from our side's equivalent to Gombeen Norquist. That's not how we dance.

    'Tis but theater, Gal o' the Blue. Raise a glass or three after you put the kiddies to bed in honor of those who do what they must. Yes, including Jane and Kos. They're good peoples.

  2. I don't know either one of them and haven't had any personal dealings with them. I've seen Jane's repsonses on Twitter towards fellow progressives who disagree with her and those responses are vicious and vindictive. In that instance she is not doing "what she must."

    I laugh at the thought of any progressive taking marching orders. It's the old Mensa saw about herding cats. Thanks, Stony.

  3. You, my dear, are off. With or without the computer.(g)

    These are trepidatious days. Taking one off from the one-offs from time to time is not just necessary, but restorative.

    When all is said and done...

    Never before have so many done so much for so few...

    Happy Potato Day? Fitting perhaps that what is generally agreed to have caused the famine is the root of our present catastro-clusterfucks.

  4. People are much better off reading Balloon Juice than me on this one. John actually has had dealings 1 on 1 with the people involved.

  5. This is a wealthcare bill, not a healthcare bill. No liberal would vote to fine people for not being able to afford astronomical premiums, slash medical care to the elderly, etc.

    Just because a DINO calls something "reform" doesn't mean it actually is. Generally, I'm a swing voter between the Democrats and the Greens. This year, it's looking all Green.

    I no longer trust or support Kucinich or Sanders after this brazen attempt to go after big money campaign contributions rather than fighting for healthcare for the middle class and the poor.

    Hamsher is against the bill because she is paying attention to what's specifically in it, not trusting politicians. She should be our role model.


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