Thursday, March 18

New Panties -UPDATED

Background: Lizz Winstead and Joan Walsh (goddesses) were tweeting back and forth about Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' baby-mama, who reportedly "did not know" that the GQ photographer would include her bare legs in the shot where she's only wearing a shirt and pearls.***

Memo to my gal pals at the Mensa Ladies' Auxiliary Lunch: Next month I'm nominating Rielle for the Palin Award.

Okay, so Rielle has never watched Revenge of the Nerds where Booger tells the boys to "pan down"?

Anyway, far be it from me to interrupt two people tweeting I barged in and told Lizz and Joan that if my agent ever LET me appear on The Ed Show I would be wearing these, please don't tell anyone.

They told. Hilarity ensued. Thanks, you guys.

***I claim blogger bonus points for covering the Rielle story without one Huffpo link. Just saying.

UPDATE: For Joan Walsh, who is on Hardball this afternoon, by request:


  1. Confidentially, I would have put Matthews on the back so he can ride progressive ass as per, usual.


  2. I have something in common with Rielle. I never saw Revenge of the Nerds. It sounded like a terrible movie.


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