Sunday, March 21

Shorter President's Executive Order on Abortion

It's like I said.
The Hyde Amendment is in force,
like we always said,
from the beginning,
abortion neutral,
the end.

All that grandstanding will hopefully cost Stupak his seat. And for what?

As I said in an earlier post:

Doncha just love it when pasty white guys grab a cold Bud, don their USA star headband antennae, and straddle the bouncy unicorn of righteousness so they can tell women what kind of health insurance they can't buy?


  1. yeah... i just love it... poetry by the way BG. say valley maker...

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Looks like your kind of guy

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Wow, you made Stupak look really hot!

  4. Stupak used to be sane, and he used to make a point of saying that his religion would never come before established law. But that was before he started bunking on C Street.

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    He's the gatekeeper!

  6. The law and the executive order are not abortion neutral. You should really stop saying that. Even NOW, a day late and a dollar short, is pissed.

  7. Here's Naral's down the middle statement, and

    Here's Planned Parenthood, celebrating the victory, ahem.

    Neither would have killed the bill, nor would NOW.

    If someone starts (they already have, which is my point) a kick Stupak out of the House, or a 'rescind the Hyde amendment' movement, sign me up. If anyone wants to play "I'm a better liberal and feminist than you Blue Gal" well, here's an Eagles song. Rock out.

  8. Fran, this has nothing to do with my cred or me.

    Your cred, however, erodes when you distort. This is all about you - which is the way you like it.

  9. I don't think it's all about me when I quote three different feminist/pro choice sources, with different levels of enthusiasm for the bill/EO but none of whom wanted to kill the bill. Tata feel free to use this thread as a platform. Did you want to kill the bill altogether?

    Also some of the sources I link talk about an "extra check" barrier to abortion coverage. That is not going to be an issue for those of US (meaning me) on medicaid. Poor women are denied access to abortion services and always have been as far as the government is concerned since Hyde and before when abortion was "illegal" but always available if you had the dough.

    This bill does, with increased Medicaid coverage and access to community health centers increase the ability of poor women to reproductive health services not including abortion, whether the Catholic bishops like it or not.

    Again, I'd love to hear whether you wanted to kill the bill rather than give Stupak so little for all his trouble (death threats now from his own people? wow). And I also know that this has shined a spotlight on the Hyde Amendment so that NOW is planning a campaign to rescind it, which I'm sure we agree would be a good thing.


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