Monday, November 9

Stupak's got yer abortion rider right here....

Doncha just love it when pasty white guys grab a cold Bud, don their USA star headband antennae, and straddle the bouncy unicorn of righteousness so they can tell women what kind of health insurance they can't buy?

And that they have to PLAN TO HAVE AN ABORTION IN ADVANCE if they want BUY insurance to cover something that may be medically necessary?

Doctor Nancy loves it, too. (I've never seen her or any anchor so angry except for KO.) And she is so right -- this is not about being pro-choice or pro-life. This is about women having to jump a hurdle because they are women. If your doctor determines at any point that your pregnancy is unhealthy, you have to have purchased an abortion rider to have it covered by the policy you pay for anyway? Really.

Good job, Doctor Nancy:

Original unicorn rider found at Ubermilf's.


  1. pissed in NYC9:08 PM

    I heard that Obama said it would be out in committee. Then again, he said he was for, then against, and then for telecom immunity. There's a lot of blowback going on right now. What I want to see is a real progressive primary candidate who is ready to run against Stupak. My checkbook is ready.

  2. "Dr. Nancy" wasn't NEARLY pissed enough. This isn't compromise, it's capitulation. Fifty one percent of Americans have just been sold down the river in a bald faced capitulation to Christian fundamentalists who are well on their way (with ever increasing momentum) to controlling the laws of this land.

    This is way too Old Testament for me to stomach.

  3. I am simply furious about this, and EVERYONE needs to be calling their Senators to DEMAND that no "Stupak-type" amendment is included in the Senate version of so-called health care reform.

    And don't think for a second that we can count on the president to help with this.



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