Saturday, November 28

"Please, no wagering."

It's an exhibition, not a competition, but I emailed to my favorite photoshoppers the Gawker pictures of Katie Couric dancing, and boy did they meet the challenge. Do go visit



Mark Hoback of Fried Green Al Quedas,

Tengrain of Mock, Paper Scissors, (D-Cap posted his at MPS, too) and

Doctor Zaius of Zaius Nation.

We love party crashers and so far Lockwood DeWitt has gotten through the outer perimeter and MAY get a reality teevee show someday!

What, I gotta do one, too? Well, no one could have predicted that one of the CBS cameras had x-ray film.


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  1. I don't have a TV so I don't know- is she any good at what she does? The only time I've really seen her is on the Daily Show, and I can't honestly tell from that. The photoshops were a giggle.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! Also, both the profile of the x-ray and Palin herself remind me of this video clip I posted at Halloween. (link is to the ~7 minute video on YouTube... very creepy)

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I am a lurker.....I always enjoy your blog. Thanks to crooksandliars for introducing you.

  4. well, they say the camera adds ten pounds ;)

  5. pwapvt7:49 PM

    I am a lurker. Driftglass sent me.

  6. I think I see Russia!

    Or is it a pitbull with lipstick???

  7. This Expo is one of your best ideas ever Fran. I've been laughing my socialist ass off for two days now. Thanks to you and all your pals.

  8. Me too me too me too!

    Here's mine:

  9. And you already know I'm crazy about you ....

  10. a way talented group, thunderous applause! foot stomping! backwoods hollering! git yer Katie on.

  11. StringonaStick2:12 PM

    I've read you for a long time; you're on my "hey, excellent comment" list. Now you are on my bookmark list.

  12. I can't stop laughing.


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