Wednesday, November 11

Ever met a muckraker? Here's one:

Rachel Maddow is so awesome, I almost think the Right Wing won't win. Except they have all the lobbying money and campaign contributions.

People around the Left wing are advocating stopping contributions to the DNC and DCCC until they advocate a more progressive agenda. Without comprehensive campaign finance reform, all of that is just empty words.

Congrats on the mention, David Sirota, bet yer glad you didn't quit blogging in spite of discovering that the "hard core political world [was] completely unstimulating."


  1. she is terrific and still manages to be polite and thoughful but never gives up!

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    There is a gray area with child labor. That ought to get a response.

    When we were working on organic standards we wanted to exclude anything produced with child labor.

    We got an interesting response from US and world farmers. Children, who are members of a family, are needed to work the fields to help their parents survive substance farming. Organics had given many of these small farmers an opportunity to get a real premium for their crops and many small farm co-ops sprang up to sell to the world market.

    Also shopkeepers were worried that their children would not be allowed to help make products for market.

    So the legislation has to be written in a common sense language so that we do not hurt small farmers and merchants.

    There is a reason that legislation is so long, simple solutions can have unintended consequences.


    BG Jeanne says the reason she's so jealous of you is the obvious sexual tension in our correspondence.

  3. Good Gawd! Make it stop!!!!!


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