Wednesday, November 4

In bed with Dick Armey has unforeseen consequences

Yeah, I went there...


  1. Great shot, BG!

    Proud of your ability to go anywhere you please,


  2. Meanie!

    ...Hoffman might have to change his name to Hoover.


  3. Fran fucking kick ass!!!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Such a sweet image, BG!

    I live in NY 25 ... just south of the bizarre gerrymandered NY 23, site of the Armey/Hoffman triste. (The GOP-Since-1857-NY-23rd HAD to cut out state capitol Albany, Saratoga Springs and all those working class Democrat towns in the Mohawk Valley.)

    As local news, we got to see Dick Armey do Anal Ventriloquism on Dougie Hoffman. Armey just pushed his arm up Hoffman's heine and told regional reporters that "Local issues don't matter." "Local issues are parochial."

    Ummmmmm. Was it good for you, too, Dick? Pass me that cigarette, Big Boy.


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