Friday, November 20

Wow, Mary Matalin "slaps" Sarah Palin off my front page.

There are so many ideas flying across my laptop this morning, it froze up.

Suzan sent me what I thought would be the red-meat quote of the day from Cal Thomas (Townhall link):

Palin's optimism is refreshing. If she can sharpen her intellect, in three years she won't be mocked; she will be feared.

So there I am cut'n'pasting the cover of "Whittling is Easy"

into my Photoshop workspace, and somehow my shiny thing locator gets pointed to this pro-Palin article by Mary Matalin, who poo-poos complaints in Palin's book about the rough nasty and foul-mouthed staffers inside the McCain campaign.

Time is the most valuable commodity on a campaign and you just can't waste it thinking about how to choose your words carefully or get your job done more diplomatically. If someone isn't in tears every day, that day wasn't all it could be advancing the campaign. I once witnessed an experienced (big) man slap a professional female colleague across the face over an ad buy... and no one thought anything of it, starting with the woman. In fact, she would have been insulted if anyone told her she should have been insulted.

This, my friends, is why I am no longer involved in political campaign races. Not because it's a hard job full of lots of pressure, long days, and high-stakes high stress decision making. I won't work in politics because many of the personalities attracted to that kind of work are narcissistic, most to the point of tantrums, and more than a few to the point of violence, and think it's no big deal. Matalin isn't just dishing about a specific instance here; she's pimping her insider importance--you bet she can remember just exactly the specific "ad buy" mistake that "deserved" the workplace assault and battery--and contrasting that insider importance to Palin's relative political naivety.

Matalin should be ashamed of herself, her politics, and her profession on a daily basis. That she actually points to an instance of physical assault of a female employee by a male superior as "the way it is in a campaign--get over it" just puts everything that's wrong with presidential campaigns in high relief.


  1. Sharpen her intellect? Sarah's intellect has a profile about as sharp as the leading edge of a bowling ball.

  2. Not wasting time thinking pretty much sums it up.

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Not sure if we should just ignore Sarah, or watch to be sure she doesn't sneak up on us in 2012. Her followers are fanatical in their devotion and her reach so outstrips her intellect.
    Mary Matalin? Meh, her day is past. If what she described happened at a corporation, where it could be argued that speed of decision-making can actually make a financial difference, there would be a lawsuit. Slapping? Really? Mary, shame on you.

  4. Hard to know where to start on this one, BG.

    I think you nailed it thoroughly.

    She is a raging narcissist whom nobody likes - even her own children (from Carville's lips).

    To let her kind determine our level of discourse is a capital crime. Make that a capital "C" with a final "o".

    Kudos to you.


    she's pimping her insider importance

  5. So, who do you think slapped Matalin? I'm going with Cheney.

    And I must add that if Mary/the chick who was slapped responded by kneeing that asshole "big man" in the groin the ending would not have been pretty. Christ, they all suck.

  6. I disagree with you on one point. I'm trying to think of a single organization that I've belonged to, or worked in that didn't have narcissists, women-haters and apologists. I can't even think of a cartoon show devoid of these attributes. Violence toward women - verbal, physical or masked in commercial wrappings and called 'art' or 'marketing,' - is everywhere. We are the underclass. I don't believe that political campaigns are any better or worse in this regard.

    That Matalin witnessed physical violence and did nothing, saw nothing wrong and now talks about it publicly makes her as guilty of assault as the man who did the slapping. There is no context in which this is acceptable behavior, therefore, context is irrelevant.

  7. Matalin is an incredibly vile person. The more I read about her, the more I realize that she is as evil as Karl Rove.

  8. mary matalin (and her ass whipped husband) are everything that is wrong with america today. whenever i hear that whiney nasal voice from one of the most vile and nastiest people ever - i actually would rather listen to ann coulter.

    mary is a media whore - i dont want to write what i am thinking because unlike mary, i do have respect for other people

  9. What would have happened had it been the "professional female colleague" who "slapped across the face" the "experienced (big) man?"


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