Thursday, November 19

What the Palin-ites are REALLY saying...

Sorry, any other explanation of what this gal is saying makes my brain hurt:


  1. Sarah Palin would no more uphold the Constitution than did George W. Bush.

  2. First, the Eggo waffle shortage. Now, a giant Sarah Palin emerging from the ocean.

    The Mayans said the end times wouldn't come until 2012!

  3. We could always ask Japan if we can borrow Godzilla.

  4. That clip could stun fish with its blunt display of vapidly grinning dumbassery.
    Does 'upholding the Constitution' have a precise meaning to these people, or is it just one of those zesty catchphrases like 'We will sell no wine before its time' or 'I can't believe it's not butter'?


  5. geek_guy3:37 PM

    So when Repubs were critical of Rock Star Obama, apparently it's ok to go batty over dingbat *ILF Palin.

  6. geek_guy3:51 PM

    Ok, saw the last part of the clip. I remember the Repub catch phrase of "Kerry was for the war, before he was against it". Now it OK for republicans to be for the stimulus, before they were against it".

  7. I just read on Yahoo news that Oprah is quitting her show. See what happens when you spend too much time around Sarah?

    -Doug in Oakland

  8. tsisageya6:31 PM

    Yes, but, why do we concentrate on what THEY do rather than what WE believe in?

    Why do they put us on the defensive? Why do we gripe and groan and complain about Harry Reid and then do nothing?

    And just WTF is there to do? Become a Republican?

    FTS. (That means Fuck That Shit!)

  9. I love the closing line... "they can't be specific."

    Have any of these people actually read the Constitution? Sorry to sound like exactly the elitist pig they would think I am.

    This is very scary to watch actually, very frightening in many, many ways. Can you believe that the young woman actually challenged Nora O'Donnell about Palin's support of the bailout? As if this kid would know more than Nora?

    Populism gone wild! I am unhappy.

  10. And if you think all this is crazy talk, check out Cal Thomas' latest disguised paean to Lady Sarah.

    After pussyfooting all over the place about her lack of qualifications, he zings you (if you've kept reading this slapped-together concoction of goo to the end) with:

    Palin's optimism is refreshing. If she can sharpen her intellect, in three years she won't be mocked; she will be feared.

    Heck, I'm fearing her already.


  11. palin is a combo of Eva Peron, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Vampira.

    ambitious to a fault, famous for being famous, and something out of an Ed Wood movie.

  12. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I want to find that little girl and push her down a long flight of stairs she's do god damned stupid.


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