Saturday, November 14

Saturday Song is Delayed So We Can Bring You This Very Special Announcement

This is what we call a quick and dirty video, (the 'dirty video' hits will keep on coming you betcha!) something that had to be made by somebody so it might as well be me.

I'm also instituting a new policy at Blue Gal:

each time I run my own video I am adding a Paypal button at the bottom of the post, for love offerings for my time and work.

I feel it very necessary to do this not only because I'm broke (aren't we all), but because another liberal website, and I am naming names Democratic Underground, has seen fit to post my videos to their forum and place advertising underneath my work. It's one thing to do that with an Al Yankovic/The Onion/Twix Advertisement, and something else altogether to piggyback without permission or sharing or even a link to my blog, on a fellow liberal blogger who like the rest of us, struggles financially and does not get nearly her worth for entertaining the masses. Douches.

If you like my work, please consider doing the liberal and just thing and throwing a couple bucks into the hat of the person who made the video. I will be very grateful. Thank you.


  1. So that's what the Mayans were afraid of! ;o)

  2. Just found your site, this is scarier than the movie.


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