Tuesday, November 24

Thanks! But no thanks. To a Liberal Cruise.


I'm terribly grateful and flattered to the couple of you who nominated me to win the progressive blogger free cruise being offered by Air America. Kudos to them for having a contest open only to those of us who do this blogging thing; for me, the timing's off--Spring Break for me is later than the cruise--and I doubt I could get childcare during that time.

There's another problem: sure, the winner gets to cruise the Mexican Riviera with Rachel, Howard, Bob, and the gang, and I'm sure it's a more rockin' time than anything Hugh Hewitt and Katherine Jean Lopez could float (see the Dante's Sixth Circle of Hell Cruise for details) but the winner of the Air America contest only gets one ticket to go on the cruise.

I'm sure cost is a factor but really, way to be cheap, Air America. How much are CRUISES discounted in this economy? Everything's priced double occupancy on boats anyway. What are they gonna do, make me bunk with Ron Reagan?

Not only does it appear incredibly cheap, but it makes me wonder: does Air America secretly buy into the "cheetos eating mother's basement dweller" stereotype of the progressive blogger? Do they think with an extra ticket... the blogger would just bring his mom?

Does Air America think that bloggers sleep alone?

My life partner says, "Possibly. Now turn the page and read me what that commie Krugman has to say."

PS. Unless one of my face to face blog buddies decides they want to enter, I'll throw my support to Pam at Pam's House Blend. She's a comrade. GGKGJUBHXHZ9


  1. Only you, BG.

    Only you.


    P.S. I needed that chuckle!

  2. It's probably better that way: the cruise could be attacked by tea party pirates from those lawless south coast red states...

    -Doug in Oakland

  3. Win a cruise! Woo Hoo! $20 bucks a day to park, $2 bucks for a bottle of water, $10 bucks a day gratuities, Careful they might charge you if you get Norovirus-- spewing bodily fluids in all directions for the duration.
    The ticket for one blows-- unless it is a Hermit themed cruise.
    Maybe better they give you a year's supply of poster board & indelible markers - to make protest signs for gvmnt f#@k ups.


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