Saturday, November 7

Saturday Song (Dear GOP:)


PS. Telling women they can't speak is never a good idea. Did you NEVER have a girlfriend, like, EVER?

Where some see a large group of GOP a-holes attempting to silence women, I see a lovely 2010 Democratic ad spot. Just lovely.


  1. Horsey manure is the term that comes to mind. I truly hope this comes back to bite the GOP in the ass.

  2. wow.... Republicans are more obnoxious than i thought!

  3. Another delicious outburst of Republican patriotism right in the mouth of American democracy.


  4. i'm fed up with them and with more than a few democrats at this point.

  5. That 2nd film clip needs to hit National media during elections big time.

    For hell's sake.... I was starting to feel like they really need to bring in THE NANNY to help the Chairperson learn how to tame the unruly GOP brats. For them to bellow I OBJECT while someone else was speaking was just downright rude & obnoxious, which makes the yes vote all the more sweet.

    Listen up GOP- no matter how much grandstanding you do, 76% of the people want health care reform. Step up or get kicked to the curb.


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