Tuesday, November 17

Spoiler alert? Really.

I just have to get something off of my chest. Making a JOKE about an episode of a TV show is NOT NECESSARILY a spoiler. Especially when it's a tweet like this one:

Geez #HouseMD writers why don't you have Bobby Ewing get out of the shower and announce the last 3 seasons were a dream?

That is NOT a spoiler. "Oh @Bluegal don't tell! Some people have to Tivo it!" Fuck you. If I told you who has The Ring, who winds up being Luke's father, or what 'Rosebud' is? Go after me. Otherwise eff off.


  1. You ruin everything. ;o)

  2. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he was a lonely, moody, acerbic doctor on a TV show.


  3. My dad once cracked, while surfing throught the channels and pausing on House, "If you've seen one of these shows, you've seen them all."

    He was very acerbic when he said it.

  4. ...And some people wonder why we don't watch television here at our house!

    By the way, I've started on that crochet horse.

  5. kiddies never seen "St. Elsewhere"
    that green dude and the navy dude were in it.
    the whole series took place in the autistic mind of one of the show's doctors, in a snow globe.
    this was the last scene of the series


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