Monday, November 2

Congratulations on your millions of hits, guys!

A big congratulations to Doctor Zaius, who has reached one million hits, and Driftglass, who will reach two million today if he hasn't already.

And then I look at my hit counter and say, is this thing on?

This blog turns five years old on Wednesday. (Yes, Zaius, there will be cake.) My goal for the next year is to take my creativity in a more focused direction. I want to do more film-making and get back to video blogging or podcasting. There are changes coming to the big blog in which I hope to be a part.

But this is not my David Sirota "I'm going to completely quit blogging except for one post per day and also, Mrs. Sirota says I have to make this gig pay as soon as I get back from four weeks in China" resignation letter. You'll never miss me because I'm not going away, ha.

I'm writing this post while trying to get through to the state home heating bill assistance people. Wish me luck, Mister Sirota, the line's been busy twenty-three times so far.

As I said over at Driftglass: paraphrase the BEST exchange in Napoleon Dynamite, which is the perfect blogger movie, in my opinion:

Whatcha gonna write today, Driftglass?

Whatever I want to GOSH!

On days like today I try to remember that...

On days when the fucking Wapo says ten assholes off the Harvard/Nobel Prize/federal prosecutor/published author boat are better choices than ANY blogger (not one of the finalists had even a blogspot addy) for their pundit contest***...

On days when I find out my video for the Steve Martin contest is automatically disqualified because it advocated a "political viewpoint" -- that puppies want single payer, yeah that old canard -- I try to remember that

...I can write whatever the hellfuck I want to. It's my blog.

It's a bowl of cold comfort,

except I get to share it...

Thank you for being there, for reading, for commenting. You folks are my personal miracle, and for that I am so grateful.

***To avoid having to go back and fix the broken links when Wapo goes out of business, I'm linking to other bloggers who write about the contest instead, a better long-term investment you betcha.


  1. taylorbad2:02 PM

    Reading your blog is like being pals--I get to know what you think and you give me things to think about. It's not the same as being able to sit down over a cup of coffee and have an honest to goodness exchange (with or without the laughs) but you confirm my theory that there are people smarter than me out there.

  2. What are these hits of which you speak?

  3. Thanks for the link, Blue Gal! The best bowl of cold comfort has always been chocolate ice cream, of course. ;o)

  4. I'm a Q list blogger...queer all the way.


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