Monday, November 9

The creepiest Palin - Reagan montage photos ever!

Love and kisses to those coming from Wonkette, where the comment thread made me laugh very very hard, also too.

They're from the "Sarah Palin's Accomplishments" blog (Google it yourself) which apparently is not a parody. I can't call Poe's Law on it.

I've been forced by circumstances this weekend to throw my hat into the ring for "Best Individual Blogger" at the 2009 Weblog Awards. Several people used ALL CAPS posts to nominate another blogger who simply cannot be permitted to win. I will not link her blog but you will know her by her Build a Bolton Bear workshop creation:

Allow me to be very frank about this: I am happy to throw my support behind any progressive blogger who can beat Pammikins as Best Individual Blogger. There are considerably few of us doing this blogging thing daily as individual single-shingle blogs. Digby now runs a group blog. Driftglass won last year: that may not disqualify him but personally I would like to see a woman blogger win this time. If Lindsay Beyerstein wants to take over and do the heavy lifting, I'm happy to step aside.

And allow me to say I am not doing this out of personal animosity: Pammy is hard-working and articulate, and her politics is more entertaining than dangerous in my book. She's against peace, uses vicious hyperbole, and routinely and with entirely too many exclamation points, jumps to illogical assumptions about Arabs, Obama, healthcare, the economy, gender relations, plastic surgery, and shoes. And she supports Sarah Palin for President in 2012. As someone who has made a tremendous commitment to bloggers and blogging, I don't want that kind of blogger awarded the "best individual" representation of what I do.

I understand that the Weblog Awards are right wing sponsored, and are not worthy of a lot of our energy, especially with much, MUCH more important votes to fight for. But when we in the blog world have a say in what any given group nominates as "best" among those posting to the internet, we also can't be silent or aloof. If someone wishes to suggest another nominee for these awards, feel free to nominate them there and mention them in comments below.

Salon tonight.


  1. If that's professional photo montage, I'm Margaret f*cking Thatcher.

    Should they insist on continuing creation in this lightheartedly necrophiliac vein, I'll be forced to create a work involving these two that will permanently scar the retinas.


  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Of course it is a parody. They have become like noseeums. There are so many of them now she'll spend the rest of her possible political career swatting at them.

    Speaking of which, here is a new, deeply cynical variant where the author creates an open-ended PAC that takes advantage of lovesick palinites.

    How stoopid do you have to be to make Palin donations through this? But there you have it.

  3. BG, I voted for ya, but you have two comments over there. I hope that won't cause issues.

    (Also, you're pretty kind to Pammy, all things considered. I consider her a raging bigot, fond of advocating violence, and the Obama-Malcolm X love child was insane even for the fantasy-based community. But you're classy like that...)

    I was considering jumping in the Technorati categories, but the Technorati revamp makes it really weird - no way in hell is my blog "Large"! Oh well, off to write...

  4. How can you torture yourself so?

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    That site is a parody site.

  6. Prove it. Pammy her own self is listed as an author, and her picture is shown with the main authors of the site.

    I linked to Poe's Law above, and I admit one really can't tell the difference anymore, but still. Prove it.

  7. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I can't exactly 'prove it' but Rev Paul T. Hipple of Dominionists for Tancredo is one of the commenters, he is also associated with Baptists for Brownback, Betty Bowers, and Landover Baptist, so it seems considering his associations it is more than likely one. Just a tip, but should you ever see commentors named Rev Paul T. Hipple, TD Gaines Crockett, Prophett CC Davis, June Gordon, Brother Whothat, Billy Bob Neck, Sister Mable Garagula, then you can be fairly sure it is one of their parody sites.

    I wasn't trying to be a jerk, just thought you might want to know, and if you read it with full knowledge it is funny as all get out.

  8. Well I always got a lot of pleasure out of the now defunct Conservatives for American Values along with the new "sister" site Christwire, so yeah it's possible. The links to and associations with pAtlas are suspect to me, that this may be for real, however. Looking at her jewish mothers for sarah palin dot blogspot dot com, parody and reality don't have any meaning anymore, do they?

  9. Anonymous1:38 PM

    While I do love the good parodies, I have read sites like World Net Daily and FreeRepublic and some of it is so beyond the pale that I wish it were satire. Hell, they make the Weekly World News and the Onion look realistic. Granted, I still keep hoping that Orly Taitz is some sort of Borat kind of thing... but alas, the wackadoodles we have these days have blurred the lines rather significantly, and it is downright scary.


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