Monday, November 2

Linky love to a sex blogger? Ooh.

When I saw this "comment guideline" in a long post on "how to be respectful" at the community section of a large traffic feministubule blog, I instantly thought, "wow, that would look so cool on the front of a pair of white panties. Sisterhood!

But seriously, I feel sorry for people who don't have the will to ignore, or failing that, the verbal skills to swiftly and without writing nineteen paragraphs (I counted) castrate, those who are not "respectful to the blogger and her community." Sticks and stones, bitchez!

And now for the linky love...

Scott's blog "Bill in Exile" is a hardcore gay blog, not safe for work, hide the kids and pets, etc. But then every once in a while he writes stuff like this, and I remember why he's so very blogrolled at my place. Besides the nekkid boy parts pictures.

GREAT writing.

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  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Well thanks a lot for THAT blog steer Bluegal! I just used up an hour looking at naughty very naughty pix and it was fun (for a while!). You're the best! And open-minded, my, open-minded. Love it!


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