Monday, March 1

More Cowbell Podcast, Salon Tonight

Salon tonight, 9 Eastern, here. No registration or special equipment needed, it's just typing chat with fellow progressives.

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  1. 'What's the deal'...?

    A historical lack of meaningful punishment for those who abuse the public trust. Period.

    'Word jazz'?
    Hmmm...well DG, rather than nit-jerk or knee-pick, I think I understand the impression you're trying to convey, and in a free associative boho-coffeehouse-black smocks-bongos-and-Gitanes sense, I agree - I'm picturing the archetype of a mentally immature societal dropout who playacts their borrowed rebellion for a cheaply perfumed meal ticket until financial imperatives assert themselves roughly, and conformity becomes the New Black...or something.

    In Jazz, you can play inside the changes, around the changes, or outside them - in whatever measure suits the intent of the performance, success in the endeavor being in direct proportion to the skill of the individual.

    What you can't do, and what serial prevaricators like Cheney, Kristol and Palin do loudly and blatantly is insist that the changes being 'played' to are being heard, understood and responded to 'correctly' by everybody in equal measure - that while they're riffing on Tea For Two in B flat and everybody else in the band comps on 'Round Midnight in E, there is no unmusical dissonance whatsoever and the audience are idiots for thinking otherwise.

    And perhaps they the sense that anyone who views such a performance uncritically, or fosters an impression to the curious that what is being purveyed consists of some ineffable yet tangible quality is an idiot.

    Far too many of those about, unfortunately.


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