Wednesday, May 31

Art and chaos day at Blue Gal

Peggy Guggenheim was never convicted
of conspiracy and wire fraud...

Every once in a while we need to take a break and look at some art.

There's a lovely online museum of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of modern European and American art in Venice. Click on the link, click on a room, and take a look around.

I've heard said that art collections like this are politically incorrect, because they are a most convincing argument for the concentration of wealth. Hey, if loving art like this is wrong, I don't wanna be right, or left. I just wanna gaze, and sigh.

Also, there's mounting evidence that Kenneth Lay lacks Peggy Guggenheim's good taste. Peggy never went to prison for securities fraud, either, so there's a difference.



  1. Let's hear it for concentration of good taste and money, all in the same hands... ...that would be politically optimal, no?

  2. This 'free' link or tour makes it politically correct too. Nice touch.

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Yeah, I think money that's pretty honestly come by and spent in the service of art, health, science, or learning passes whatever PC test we need to give it.

  4. oh i'm enjoying! thanks much! ; )

  5. Wow! Stunning! Thank you, BG! Crimey! Looks like I have been inspired by you once again to create! Thanks! :>)


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