Monday, May 22

Home Sweet Home

canada protest

Blue Gal is back from beautiful Canada, though I suspect you will be missing the guest bloggers almost as much as I missed all of you. Six days without internet access will not happen again, though writing blog posts (twenty single spaced pages, just wait) in a notebook is an novel change of pace and thinking.

Two women I cannot thank enough. Captain Dyke took care of the blog, and Aunt Mary took care of the children. Thank you, I love you, thank you.

It was a lovely trip. Mr. Blue Gal and I got to know each other as partners rather than as mere parents, and he even started (don't tell him I noticed) pointing out stories for the blog. This from the man who mere weeks ago thought this was a "waste of time." Ah, well.

One of the trips many high points was in a pub in Ottawa and three guys at the next table were talking about blogging. The blogger at the table said he was a gay right-wing blogger but I informed him that shit might work in Canada but a gay guy drinking beer in public and claiming to be right wing in Alabama would be dirty-looked "right" outta town.

One of the other guys at the table stayed to chat and he, while not a blogger, felt blogs were a primary news source for him, and he agreed that the blogosphere policed its own very well as far as fact-checking. As he left he said,

"You know, up here we don't all hate Americans."

I replied, "I noticed! When I was yelling 'fuck you'** in front of the American Embassy yesterday, I was the only one there!" [Embassy is so fortified, btw, it looks like a damn prison.]

Low point of the trip was sitting at dinner on the cruise with an obnoxious American lady (OAL). In her defense I can only hope she was drunk. She started off the dinner telling us just how awful the AY-mish were. Yes. Amish people are bad. Who knew? It went downhill from there, and hit bottom here:


"I think we have too many civil liberties in this country."

Blue Gal will pause here while her readership gets up off the floor...btw I think she forgot we were sailing in Canadian waters.

Mr. Blue Gal, a model of restraint:

"We'd better not have this conversation. [Yeah.] I am...[explains his long-standing official capacity within the ACLU].


"Aah! I'm not going to TALK to you!!! [points to Blue Gal] I'll talk to YOU!"

Blue Gal, not so restrained:

I am the wife of [ACLU capacity] and I agree with everything he does in that capacity. Absolutely. Everything.

Of course my restraint involved the omission of any mention of me as a leftie blogger, in which capacity I am also entitled to issue a high-ho and hearty "fuck you"** to obnoxious American lady, via the internets.

**Notice to the left-wing blogosphere: "fuck you" is the intellectual property of one Paul Wolfowitz, Iraq-War architect (kudos!), to Al Franken at an even earlier (pre-Stephen Colbert) White House Correspondents' Dinner. Blue Gal is using Mr. Wolfowitz's intellectual property under the fair-use provision, as I'm sure Al Franken is the numerous times he reports the Wolfowitz quote at paid appearances and on page 221 of his book, The Truth (with Jokes). [Blue Gal's full review of The Truth later this week.]

It's great to be back, folks.


  1. glad that you had a good time- glad you got back into the country ok- you know those damned canadians are a threat to our borders. as for the hearty 'fuck yous'- don't leave out the cheneymeister talking to leahy- or was that 'fuck off?' i never can remember. good to have you back.

  2. That would be, "Go fuck yourself." Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Glad the trip was fab, and it's fab to have you back!

  4. missed you! glad you're back.

  5. Right wing gay blogger, huh?

    I'm trying to remember if I know any LGBT Republicans. Nope. I don't.

    How is that possible? Even in Canada?
    To me, that's akin to being a black Mormon.

    FYI: People of color are allowed to become Mormons, because, as they put it. We're not saying that you're going to hell, we're just saying that you CAME from hell.

    Too many civil liberties, huh? And what would those be? Are you sure you weren't talking to a Nazi or a Stalinist?

  6. Welcome home, eh! ;)

  7. As much as I enjoyed your guest bloggers, I missed sweet lil ole you, and am glad to see you back, whether or not you’re wearing panties. I’m just glad it wasn’t necessary for you to wear inflatable ones while sailing.

  8. Welcome back - you were missed. How cool to get to spend quality time with your fella. In 15 years of marriage, I think we've spent a total of 9 days and nights by ourselves, sans kids. Oh well…

  9. blogging may not be obviously productive, but if it makes you happy and others appreciate your blogging, then it is time reasonably spent at least.


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