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Guest Blogger - Quaker Dave

Can you be a Quaker, a brainiac, and still kick ass? Yep. Quaker Dave's blog, Quaker Agitator, is much classier than the one you are currently reading, but he still agreed to slum it over here. I'm delighted. - BG


An interesting post from Bride of Acheron regarding wingnut Michelle Malkin's latest histrionic anti-immigrant (or something: I can never really quite tell what's up with her) hysterics. This time, our favorite right-wing reactionary anti-everybody/everything is having a slobbering hissy fit over the Texas Rangers baseball team's decision to wear uniforms bearing a logo reading "Los Rangers," for a home game vs. Los Yankees on, of all days, Cinco de Mayo. One would think this somewhat appropriate, considering the Rangers' fan base might have a significant number of Mexican-Americans in it, maybe. Dunno, just a wild guess.
Wow. Can you imagine?

Just to give Ms. Malkin a head's up, here are some other occasions upon which Major League baseball might have its' players wear commemorative-type uniforms, so she'll be ready with more moronic bombast:

- August 18th will be the anniversary of Roberto Clemente's birthday. As he was of Puerto Rican birth, any attempt to honor him might be objectionable, to her. Wasn't he an immigrant, who couldn't speak English when he first got here, huh?

- MLB usually somehow honors the old Negro Leagues. That might be a problem, what with that Jackie Robinson being an affirmative-action hire and all.

- And heaven forbid somebody might get the idea to honor, say, Saddharu Oh, the great Japanese homerun king. Given that Ms. Malkin thinks that the internment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps during World War Two was such a peachy idea, I'm sure she'd balk at that one.

Way to keep your eye on the ball, Michelle.


  1. I'm generally a peaceable gal and more inclined to find humor in the wingnuts' insanity, but,honestly, I would bitch-slap Malkin from here to the moon if given half a chance.

    The photo is priceless. The spa queen reveals her true inner self.

  2. Magnificent pic! It shows her true innerself I believe :P

    Love this post..and yes I too would love the opportunity to meet up w/Ms.Malkin in a dark alley.

  3. i have attempted to 'read' malkin's blog posts from time to time- but never quite make it. she is either going off on an amateurish rant about the evil brown hordes- muslim or mexican- or she sounds like an ad agency stumping for her new podcast thing. either way, she is unreadable and ridiculous. and - she shows her true colors- all she wants is her own show on fox news.

  4. Ok... you folks who actually want to meet M.M. are nuts in my book. Can you imagine the incessant screeching and carrying on? I mean that is like wanting to meet up with a banshee or wanting to sit next to a screaming baby on a turbulent 20 hour flight or something. I just want her to stay away... and if I could really have my druthers she'd shut up.

  5. Isn't that screen-shot from when she was on Matthews show trying to frame Kerry for war crimes in Vietnam?

    Now that Coulter is getting to old to make the conservatives want to masturbate spontaneously, they have collectively decided on this Malkin character.

  6. You knocked it out of the park with this one, Blue Gal! Malkin hasn't a bit of wiggle room. You might say you got her in quite a pickle!

  7. Her argument is so ridiculous, I'm not going to waste time and effort thinking up a creative response.

    However, let me respond, if I may.

    A few weeks back, the minor league indoor football league team here wore bible verses on the backs of its jerseys for faith night.

    Do you find that threatening?

  8. comrade: Old Testament or New? Seriously. It might make a difference, but not much. Any verses about stoning your daughters to death if they offend you? Any verses which might clearly indicate a prejudice toward "get Jesus or go-to-hell mentality"? That type of parsing might make a difference. But then again, Christians are SUPPOSED to believe that you should do your prayin' in PRIVATE.

    I personally don't find Bible verses on arena football jerseys threatening. I find it dumb. I find arena football dumb, and I find this whole "football field as a battlefield for the Lord/ prayer at the 50 yard line after the game/ pointing to God after you score (or make a routine catch that you're being paid a gazillion bucks to make" song-and-dance dumb.

    Play the game. Pray on your own time.

  9. Oh quaker... now its you trying to blow a fast ball past everybody so I will correct you again on the Clemente thing.
    He was NOT an immigrant. Puerto Ricans are US citizens by birth and hence need no entry visa like our wonderful neighbors to the north and south.
    Theres plenty of great tributes to him in the city of Pittsburg as well as his Island Nation.
    You are correct about one thing,.. he could not speak a lick of English, ... even after playing nearly 20 years in the bigs... I love the guy, worship him really. But no excuse for that. You honor the country that has bestowed you with financial opportunities and liberties by learning its language. I'm not a Savage "language borders and culture" blowhard,.. but I am a native born American of Puerto Rican descent, not the other way around. Being in the country 20 years and not knowing the language is not a choice, ... its being lazy.

  10. Yes, well, you corrected me on that before, but then again, that's not really the POINT, now is it?

    I'll let the other stuff go, for now. I could bring up my Amish ancestors, who did just fine living in Pennsylvania and speaking old German or whatever it is, but I'm too busy to pick a fight. Besides, we Quakers are lovers, not fighters.

  11. Very good point on the Amish angle, I give credit when merited. The example is not apples for apples as they have chosen to live in seclusion and in the vestiges of their own beliefs... but I grant you not every moment of English avoidance is being lazy, and I stand corrected.
    .... (but Quake, I gotta' tell ya', you got invited to guest-blog on BG and you just busted out a recycled 2-week old Malkin piece? I feel... Cheated,... I was expecting fresh, juicy progressive droppings from you... how anti-climatic. But then again you are in the middle of school-issue chores and that is most noble so I give you a pass, I still have your back even if you don't agree with anything I say....)

  12. Hey, everybody wave hello to my favorite troll, dardin.

  13. lets see, ah yes,...Troll:A supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore, variously portrayed as a friendly or mischievous dwarf or as a giant, that lives in caves, in the hills, or under bridges.
    I still don't get it, but then again this little morsel was brought to you by the fine folks who call people moonbats and idiots,... so I'll take Troll, somehow Ill wear it like a "badge of honor".

  14. Old Testament or New? I think both.

    I am not quite sure, actually, Quaker Dave.

    But, to my knowledge, there weren't any verses set forth that would have expressed a particularly dogmatic POV. I recall one of them being that old John 3:16 standard.

    This is a very conservative area and the saber-rattling around here is because of their fears that secular humanism is tainting our moral values.

    I have no problem with people expressing their religious views with conviction. Christianity is a beautiful concept. The followers get me down, though.

    I wouldn't put Marx or Emerson quotes on the back of jerseys, though.

    I am glad that people have the ability to express their faith so strongly and I'm glad that it means so much to so many people.

    But I agree with you. Do your praying in private. And it has no business in sports, whether it's praying to God before the game on the PA system or after you score a touchdown.

  15. It would be cool to see quotes from Emerson on football jerseys, though.

    Maybe they could sponsor a whole Transcendentalists Night, and then a Beat Poets Night (I get "Howl" on my shirt), and then a Romantics Night...

  16. Quaker Dave, fine post, me hearty...

    Since this be yer post, I guess ye can decide if ye like d.e.'s definition of 'troll' or this one--
    'In J. R. R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth, trolls are very large (around 9 feet tall) humanoids of poor intellect.' (

  17. Actually, I prefer Tolkien's definition if that's ok with the host... I sure as hell don't look Scandinavian, and I could give a rip as to what people think of my IQ,... let 'er rip...

  18. ... and bad manners.

  19. Obviously my sarcastic and playful-banter ways does not tranlate well here in this particular forum.
    As has been noted by Quakerdave himself and in comments upstream from me, whenever I hear a point of note I gracefully give credit, whenever I unknowingly offend someone's sensitivities, I do so as well, ad nauseum.
    I find it ironic that I am found to have bad manners for my style, yet it does not apply to name-calling. So be it.
    Exit stage right.
    A pleaure to have been here BG

  20. As the Cap'n might say, this ain't about style, me hearty.

  21. Aye, Quaker Dave, I once had a swab on th'ship who, when he was fightin', thought 'playful banter' meant bashin' th'other fellow on th'head with a barrel full of rotten apples...

    'Style' apparently has as many definitions as 'troll'.

    I'm sure BG will be pleased t'see that we're playin' so well on th'playground together while she's gone. ;)

  22. If this was a one-time occurrence and the Rangers and Yankees were doing it specifically with some intention of making a political statement, then I would agree with MM. I already have enough problems with professional sports without them getting into politics too. But, baseball and I believe hockey actually have a history of wearing greed uniforms typically with a clover on them for St. Patrick’s Day. Although the Washington Nationals official colors are Red, White, and Blue, I purchased an official Nationals hat in green, with a red N, and a red clover on the back.

  23. Yeah, what about those St. Patrick's Day uni's, eh? The Phillies always wear those ! Green from head to toe. And then they auction them off for charity, no less. Betcha that money goes right to Northern Ireland to fund those green-loving terr-rists. And then there's those pink hats and pink bats. They're feminizing the great American game, those... pinkos!

  24. BG always like to see her readers play nicey nicey with the trolls.

  25. Money no longer goes to the IRA from America, most of the funds came from New York and Boston but with the Peace Accords in 1998 and 9-11, the IRA no longer needed as much money to fight against the Protestant rule, and many in the U.S. stopped giving believing the IRA to be a terrorist group like the Taliban.


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