Tuesday, May 30


Blue Gal's buddy W. David Stephenson is the first caller on yesterday's On Point NPR radio show. The topic is:

The New Republic's Peter Beinart talks about the good fight in the war on terror and why he thinks liberals need to lead it.

Mr. Stephenson's comment:

[The] New Republic editor's contention [is] that only liberals (he means the Scoop Jackson style, rather than the Gene McCarthy types such as me) can really fight the war on terror. I was the lst call in, and said I think that the conservatives can't see all of these issues from a systems standpoint, but see them in isolation, and that means they can't fight terrorism...

You can give a listen here.

And you can send some lovin' his way via the blog: W. David Stephenson is a new grandpa, too. Sending our love (and hope your laptop dries out after the toddler grandchild spilled drink on it. Yuck.)


  1. Nobody should be talking of fighting "terrorism"... It is silly. You can't fight ir. War on Drugs... I am not saying legalize "terrorsim" but to "fight" it isn't going to happen, or it's certainly not going to defeat "it"... The one thing I see that can curb terrorism is a very big foreign policy shift! Just my thoughts...what else do I have...?

  2. I agree, poetry man. Interesting that with all of our fighting communism, it ultimately collapsed under its own weight. (Yeah, Pat Buchanan would take issue with that, but still.) I think we have to begin to approach ideas like terrorism, addiction, etc. in a different way than declaring "war"...I'm still thinking about how.

  3. Where was Pete B. 1990-91 during Desert Shield/Storm? Home and safe. He's a liberal chickenhawk, in the same ilk as Hannity, Goldberg, Coulter, and the rest. Very quick to send someone else's sons and daughters to fight this phony war, while he stays home and tells us what to think.

    If this is a new kind of "war," perhaps we need a new kind of solution. As opposed to always reaching first for a weapon.


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