Sunday, May 7

Blue Gal's Sunday Pimp Festival


Just so you don't think this is about Jeff Gannon's latest venture (go ahead, click, I DARE YOU), pimping stuff from other blogs may become a regular feature after I get back from vay cay. Four days and counting. The guest blogs are so fab, though, you'll be kicking Blue Gal out and begging for more guesting.

'Kay there are some things out there I wanna pimp:

1. First and foremost, INTOUS (goddess) has a lovely line o' merchandise, most importantly the line of "Hey Roy, Moses wants his tablets back!" buttons n' stuff. Proceeds benefit Equality Alabama, defending gay rights in this backwater hellhole. (props to Birmingham Blues for the original idea)

2. Have you guys heard of The Wobblies yet? I'll bet Trent Reznor has, and I'll bet he's eatin' his ever fun-so-lovin' heart out. Hey, with an album title like "Soundtrack for the Revolution," they could totally suck and I'd still love 'em. But their musical outrage sounds like a sound version of one of Jurassic's better rants. You may not always be in the mood for this kind of thang, but when Bushco pisses you off for like, the third time this morning, you'll wanna blast them on your work speakers and tell the boss to suck it up.

3. Thank the good lord, Big Daddy Malcontent is back in action.

4. And if you're like me, you're looking for another site for your blogroll, to make it an even 150. Crap. But I just added The Fifth Estate because he leaves excellent comments, which shows great netiquette and a fine, sexy mind. Welcome to the party, Fifth.

5. Memo to Poetic Justice: you fucker, your latest poem made me cry. But that's a good thing. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Mon dieu. You did it. You posted a link to the Profound Pussy Panties. Um, Manties.

    With this much profundity, Blue Gal might get a rep as a class joint.

  2. Class joint, yeah. But do you think I need to tell people that's not you, Doug, in the pimp outfit? I wondered...

  3. Yow! Where'd you find the Wobblies? It looks like their site hasn't been updated in a couple of years, but I like.

  4. Thanks for the link, BG. I really can't claim credit for the original "Hey Roy..." idea; that belongs to someone who is driving around Hoover. If I ever find him again, I'm going to stop him and cut him in on the profits.

    But buy, buy, buy, people! Equality Alabama needs all the help we can give.

  5. I wonder if Ann Coulter will get a pair of those pussie panties for Christmas? Nah. You'd have to be a good... uh... whatever she is.

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    hello, Russ Aldertone, bass player from The Wobblies here. First, thanks Blue Gal for the mention. In response to qwerty, we have not updated our site because we had to cease operations for a bit. We still exist but can't legally play's a little complicated. We are still writing music and we are using myspace more for distributing tunes and news.
    And for the record, "Soundtrack for the Revolution" is the title of a compilation that we appeared on. Our last record is titled, "How It May Be Lawful and Fitting To Use Falsehood As Medicine and for the Benefit of Those Who Wish To Be Deceived". Our next release will be sometime in the coming year.


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