Saturday, May 20

Guest Blogger - Sandy Underpants

thanks to the Captain for this photo.

Our guest blogger today is the aptly named Sandy Underpants of The Aristocrats, a relatively new, kickass group blog that I just love. If I ever get along to offically endowing a Don't Sugarcoat It Hall o' Fame, Sandy will be there, along with Aloysha McBain and Driftglass.

This guest blogger thing is getting addictive, n'est-ce pas? -BG


I wait...

Blah blah
BlueGal vacation
Nice enough yada
to ask blah blah
(interesting anecdote)
Underpants cha cha
here 'tis:


I wait for the scandal involving a corrupt transaction between the Dept. of Defense and Bill Gates. it will be a huge contract for software to remotely control and synchronize the gait of soldiers via implanted chips - a system so full of holes and bugs that the holes will have bugs. Mr. Gates claims completion and gets paid, plus a bonus. oh wait that's not a scandal ....also Mr. Gates gets a blowjob. that's better. the scandal will be called Gates' Gaitgate. ..and everyone will laugh and sigh and know there can't be another. it'll be the end of the -gate era.

pic from here.


  1. Hey BlueGal, this guy is pretty good!

  2. I know! Been lovin' him since I dunno when! ;-D

  3. I await the moment when the whole thing becomes recursive and it reflects back on us like parallel mirrors. Then the merest mention of the scandal could take up whole news bulletins, we wouldn't have to worry about what the Government was doing and we could spend our time looking at pictures of kittens.

    No, wait: that's not good, is it?


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