Monday, May 1

Let's Celebrate!

Happy "Mission Accomplished" Day....

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Happy Illegal Immigrants Take A Page Outta The AG's Book Day....

"Whatever the fuck we want to do is legal."

And Happy Ask A Smart Question About A Stupid Situation Day...

(Okay, I just made that one up. But still.)

If Nepal and Iraq can have new constitutions, why the FUCK can't Alabama? Just wondering.

Alabama is the only state in the southeast that deprives counties of local control, forcing county governments to seek legislative approval for even the most mundane of matters, including rodent control, weed control, bingo, prostitution, and burying dead farm animals, among others. Alabama's constitution now has 743 amendments (including amendments dealing with these issues), while the national average is 116.

The constitution itself is easily the longest in the nation and is 12 times longer than the typical state constitution.

Our state legislature spends nearly 50% of its time debating local issues, and over 70% of our constitutional amendments apply to a single city or county.


  1. At first skim, I missed a comma and thought Alabama had something called "bingo prostitution." How does that work? I wondered.

    "You can play with the daubers all you want, but the panties don't come off until you get BINGO!"


  2. Blue Gal for Governor!Unless of course it's illegal to make political sense in Alabama.

  3. Not illegal, Sir Knight, just unelectable. The Bingo Prostitute panties didn't go over very well at the last Board of Education meeting, either.

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM

    If you had a constitutional convention to fix it, can you imagine the whack jobs that would crawl out from under the rocks?

  5. If by some miracle Alabamians elected a governor who doesn’t wear panties (Loretta Nall) in November perhaps she would lead the crusade for a constitutional convention that a majority of polled Alabamians favor. She has the guts to do it, but I’m not really sure if she has taken a position on that. Or, if Alabamians en masse would join with me in pressuring our legislature to let us have an Initiative and Referendum process, then we could use that to initiate our own legislation for a convention, bypassing both the legislature and the Governor. If Blue Gal will allow me to say that interested Alabamians should go to to see how they can help, I just said it.

  6. well, mebbe that's one reason the north won. :S

  7. Well, when you have a nut bar like Roy Moore who stands up and says that the 1901 Constitution is a "godly document", you know that it doesn't bode well for our state.

    Maybe he wouldn't say that if he knew that the "Godless" Soviet Constitution had fewer amendments.


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