Sunday, April 30

Thank you, Stephen Colbert!

stolen from bluedeception

"...reality has a well-known liberal bias."

Not a big surprise, word has it the server at Comedy Central is overloaded.

Those of you wanting to thank Colbert, nothing says love like snail mail:

Stephen Colbert
c/o Comedy Central
1775 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Honey? Where are the stamps?

UPDATE: Shakes Sis has the You Tube videos of Stephen's speech here.


  1. any idea of e-mail address?

    comedy central site doesn´t have one or

    maybe i should send postcard...

  2. That's my point, Koutsi. Readers at Shakespeare's Sister pointing out comedy central email kicking back as server full (not a surprise). Besides, wouldn't you rather your thank you wind up at the museum of broadcasting archive?

  3. i have extra stamps!

  4. ok, ok, ok.... i send snail mail...

  5. Kool...I should send him some XOXXOOX for all that FUN. And I loved the Scalia routine - a Howler!

    (and I posted a *panties optional* one jest for you, Blue Gal! *wink* couldn't resist it.)

  6. And thank you, Blue Gal, for pointing me to Colbert's excellent performance. I enjoyed it very much. Here in the Netherlands only the lookalike act was in the news...

  7. Thanks, Blue Gal.

    Colbert Report is smoking these days, eh?

  8. On the Today Show today...they didn't even mention him... the MC.

    They went with the ass kissey Bush Impersonator

  9. Here you go: Thank You Stephen Colbert.

    I've been on dial-up since Friday, so I haven't seen the videos yet. That will be my treat when I get home.

  10. Colbert's humor is very hit and miss.

    There were some brilliant lines in the performance, a few duds. I thought the end video where he tries to escape from the press corps didn't really work.

    I can't quite put my finger on it. The best impressionists have a certain kind of spark that Colbert lacks. Even when they play it reasonably straight, they still manage to get laughs. Colbert is always so deadpan that often it's to his detriment.

  11. Colbert is an acquired taste. I had a friend who is normally very satire receptive check him out and give a negative review. I think a few viewings is required to really understand what he's lampooning and the subtletly with which he is doing it. Personally, I think it's hilarious. Keep it up, Stephen

  12. Oh, I am so going to send him a thank you letter! This will go out before Homeland Security carts him away as _____________ (fill in the blank with perjorative of your choice.)

    He is hilarious, he is subtle and he is completely on target.

  13. Is this what you're talking about? It seems to be quoted in the Guardian and making the U.K. laugh, too

  14. I appreciate humor to such an extent that I make feeble stabs at using it when posting comments on blogs, but since I watch very little TV and confine most of that to news and weather, I had never heard of Colbert. When I learned that this dinner was live on C-SPAN I tuned in because these affairs are like roasts and usually humorous. While Colbert was on I watched until I fell asleep, either from exhaustion or boredom. During the time I watched laughter from the attendees was noticeably lacking, and Colbert appeared to be skipping through his script in an attempt to find something that someone would laugh at. While he made some biting points about how Bush has been performing, if his intent was, as he has been quoted as saying (Was he trying to make a point politically or just get laughs? “Just for laughs,” he said.), in my opinion his performance was a flop.
    On the other hand, the act the self-deprecating Bush and his impersonator put on was humorous, as evidenced by the laughter of the crowd.

  15. Don, I agree in some form of the Colbert performance, but the bush performance was the emporor doing what he does best- entertaining himself and his "have mores" crowd while the country loses more lives to his treachery. Nothing funny about that.

    (When the king makes fun of himself the court laughs or they lose their head.)


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