Thursday, April 27

Outfitting Tony Snow

From Raw Story:

In his first interview since accepting the job of White House Press Secretary with Cox News, Tony Snow says he will feel free to express his opinions at the White House and isn't coming to 'drink the Kool Aid.'

Uh, Tony? Mr. Rove will see you now...



  1. That's not my idea of what the nozzles should look like.....nor Monica's.

  2. Well, I couldn't resist a bit-o-fun too. I think they are turning that Kool-Aid into *Snow Cones* for the WH press corps.



  3. Ironic, isn't it, that not only is he quoting Bill Maher but he's also flip-flopping on Bush just hours after exposed his harsh words for George Bush not too long ago.

    I'm just amazed that they didn't go with Baghdad Bob.

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    It's not for administering Kool Aid. It's a three-way enema for Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

  5. Three way? Enema? Waaaaait a minit, Doug. You aren't just trolling technorati tags, are you?


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