Saturday, April 15

Couple good blogs...

and she has artistic friends in high places...thanks, Captain!

First of all, I don't deserve the mention by Shakespeare's Sister. Totally flattered and diggin' it!

Blah3 is trying to get a million hits by the end of the month and they may just make it (seriously)...with OUR help.

And check out this post by latest Blue Gal sidebar buddy Psychotic Patriot. It's funny.


  1. I'm glad your site was mentioned over at Shakespeare's Sister, otherwise I might not have discovered it. Nice site.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    It looks great an' ye seem all mysterious in that photo, 1stLieu/QM!

  3. YEY! I'm glad you got some press. You have great messages that need to be circulated!


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