Wednesday, April 5

Don't Sugarcoat It Awards for April 5


Blue Gal mentioned earlier that Russ Feingold oughta change his last name to Goddammit because so many of us lefty bloggers are saying "why isn't the rest of the Senate behind Russ Feingold Goddammit! Dependable Renegade is much more elegant in this lovely post, which shares the don't sugarcoat it award with Curbstone Critic. Curbstone has given up calling for impeachment, he's for impalement. We'll take votes for what to impale Bushco on in comments, folks.


  1. Too late. He already tripped and fell on his dunce cap. If it hadn't been for the Bible in his pocket the darned things would have gone right through.

  2. Okay, Blu Gal! Now you're messing with my favorite candy! Well, one of my favorites!

    Sugar Babies are scrumptuous! They're delectible! They're smooth and creamy!

    Damn it! See what you've gone and done? My wife now wants a pair of Sugar Babies! Arrrggghhhhh!

    If she gets them I will duly rend them from off her smooth and creamy thighs and eat them!

    (Whoah...I'm feeling a bit woozy after that... Please forgive me my panty-laden lass. Forgive me.)

  3. A poem I'd written in honor of Russ-


    These, my friends, our distended days;
    Torture, riot, bomb and inhumanity puff up
    Uttering decrees in this, our propelled rage,
    Thrusting the future forward out abysmal rot.
    We must grasp hold this, bent nor awkward,
    Marked with prints from haunted child
    Skulking hordes of maddened youth!
    .....Take heed!
    Dry their eyes on your fabric of hope
    .....And lyric.
    Display no shaded hope or lose rhythm.
    .....Rise up!
    .....Rise up!
    .....Rise up!
    These melting days attend not a cowed voice
    Of uneasiness or pattering along the dark schism.
    Our battle moves on, spirals upward, and out.
    Let us not dally time through jingoistic's prism,
    Rather hear the orator beseech sanity!
    .....Hear him!
    It is time to act! It is now! It is ready!

  4. Poetry Man, that's the best one yet. And Poobah, you have all the answers. Are you sure you're not the Omniscient Poobah? 'Cause I thought he moved to the coast.

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Hey, Dependable Renegade's on Little Green Fascists! Cool!

  6. To hell with the political angle! Bring on more panties. Sugar Panties just whets my appetite.

  7. Maybe Bush could choke on the Sugar Babies panties!

  8. Are those plastic pants or silk?



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