Friday, April 14

Holy Weekend, Blue Gal!

from EvolveFish, of course.

Blue Gal will always support any gang bang attempt to give O'Reilly an aneurysm, so let the War on Easter(tm) continue. In the meantime, you quasi-agnostic blogospherians can count on Blue Gal for inspirational readings that are unlikely to offend your political sensibilities.

First up, you probably already read Garry Will's article in last Sunday's NYFT. But here it is online, and last check you did not need a subscription. He talks about Jesus in the Bible and how he eschewed all politics, not just the politics of the right. It's well-written stuff and is unusual in that it should discomfort us Sojo lefties as much as the Pat Robertson types.

Secondly, latest addition to the Blue Gal sidebar is Contextual Criticism. I've only started reading it, but it seems a digest of religious comment around the media/blogosphere and the readings seem carefully chosen and well-remarked thus far. If Blue Gal had stayed a divinity type there but for the grace of God...but then of course you wouldn't have a source for NSFW Easter Egg panties.

Finally, this from the Blue Gal Archives: Mark Morford's now classic take on Jesus and his banning of Focus on the Family.

If it is not too disconcerting to you, I offer Blue Gal's theology of Jesus:

He was a man who spoke the truth to power without a hint of rancor, who cared for the poor, the outcast, the least among us. He was nailed to a tree by the political and religious conservatives of his day because they mistakenly thought they had power and that he threatened that power. Yet his message lives on today not in opposition to Rome's emperors or desert priests, notice, but in an embracing love that still brings comfort and mercy when we most need it and least expect it. Truth and Love: the weapons of our warfare, blogospherians. We can never, will never, deserve his goodness. And it's there for us anyway. That's the point. As I said a few posts ago, God is Love, and we are soaking in it.

Happy Easter.

my favorite image of Jesus
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  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    So you're a Sojo Leftie. What do you know. Happy Easter, back at you.

  2. Well, not so evangelical as some Sojos, but yeah, I like Jim Wallis.

  3. Very nice Bluegal.

  4. Nice post my fair maiden of peace! :>)

  5. I'm using this Holy Weekend to meditate on Jesus and His message of peace and love. If only the Christo-fascists who have hijacked His image and discarded His message would do the same. Great post, Beege.


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