Monday, April 3

Crying at the keyboard. Sorry.

Just watched Jill's homecoming here and I can't stop crying.

She says she won't engage in polemics and I guess that means she won't be blogging, right? 'Cause she won't engage in polemics and she also apparently knows how to spell it.

Welcome home, dear.


  1. thanks for posting this. beautiful and intimate and i'm so happy for them.

  2. Does Blue Gal need a hug?


    Hun, did you KNOW her? (If you've said this before and I'm just retarded, forgive me. I had four hours sleep last night)

  3. No I don't know her, never met her.

    There has just been so much CRAP about her in the blogosphere, from bloggers who think they are important, that as Sherry said, the beautiful, intimate, REAL pictures of her reunion with her family made me really happy, upset, relieved, emotional.

  4. Amen! Oh, and your panties post was funny (figured I'd help your traffic!)


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