Tuesday, April 11

Are there any others?

Just wondering, does anyone else have a gubernatorial candidate in their state who is shaking things up?

Loretta Nall is quoted as wanting "to promote non-compliance with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts." (Nevermind that the main jist of this article was that little thang about her arrest for possession. That will probably won't be resolved until after the election, if ever.)

"They're the two most offensive documents ever signed into law by the United States of America," Nall said. "We don't need the government with their noses up our asses."

We don't? Gee, did someone tell the President? (honorary don't sugarcoat it award, the first of many, I expect, Loretta.)

from Buddha's Corner


  1. Don't blame Hannity. He's just trying to find his wristwatch.

  2. Men of good fortune
    often cause empires to fall

    While men of poor beginnings
    often can't do anything at all

    The rich son waits for his father to die
    the poor just drink and cry

    And me, I just don't care at all

    Men of good fortune
    very often can't do a thing

    While men of poor beginnings
    often can do anything

    At heart they try to act like a man
    handle things the best way they can

    They have no rich daddy to fall back on

    Men of good fortune
    often cause empires to fall

    While men of poor beginnings
    often can't do anything at all

    It takes money to make money they say

    look at the Fords, but didn't they start that way?

    Anyway, it makes no difference to me

    Men of good fortune
    often wish that they could die

    While men of poor beginnings
    want what they have and to get it they'll die

    All those great things that life has to give

    they wanna have money and live

    But me, I just don't care at all.

  3. I'll vote for any candidate who says "ass" to the press...

    Unfortunately, our Democratic governor is not doing very well in the polls. Maine is very unpredictible. We have two Senators, both pro-choice Republicans who are actually liberal on some issues...and who happen to be women. And the state loves them.

    We have 2 male Democratic reps, and the state loves them too.

    And we have a Democratic governor that no one seems like.

    And, we hate Bush. HATE Bush.

  4. The only thing Arnold is doing to shake up the state is to run for reelection. With roughly 60% of the electorate against him, we will hopefully be rid of him soon.

    He's probably already wearing those leather panties shown in the previous entry. I think they're required for Republican men aren't they? ;)

    They keep them safe from brushing up against something that might get them excited. Whatever that would be.

    That's the picture of the decade, though. Yay Blue Gal. ;)


  5. Don't look to New York for inspiring gubernatorial candidates...all we've got to offer in the Empire State are chowderhead carpetbaggers like William "Jerry Garcia Is Far-Freakin' Out" Weld or pseudoliberals like Eliot "I Never Even HEARD of the Twin Towers' Collapse" Spitzer.

    Just business as usual, I guess. Spitzer used to be my man until he totally let the ball drop on the investigation of 9-11. I say take a look at Sander Hicks, who's running for governor of NY instead; he's the only candidate who has placed a priority on reopening the investigation into the governmental incompetence (or malevolence, depending on your perspective) that led to the attacks. Plus he used to run Soft Skull Press, which put out Jim Hatfield's book that warned of the disasters to come under a second Bush presidency (entitled Favorite Son).


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