Friday, April 28

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for April 28


Today's Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes to A Mind is a Terrible Thing for this lovely post. Just a sample here, addressed "with all due respect" (nice touch) to our dear leaker:

Ms. Schaivo had more active brain cells than you seem to sport... You’re so incompetent, it’s a wonder you don’t lobotomize yourself whenever you pick your nose — or have I stumbled onto an unfortunate truth, sir?

(Hat tip creme filled pastry to Doug)


  1. Recently I've been lurking around some of the conservative blogs, just because I need to actually see the spin, lies, and completely insane logic they try to use in order to defend daily reports of Bush fuckups (its quite entertaining).

    And of course, I came across a lot of Christian conservative sites, including the whole "Blogs for Terri" crowd.

    Amazingly, they're still at it. Medical evidence has proven the Christian conservatives wrong, and everyone who thinks they were lunatic nut cases were right, because we now know her brain was about as consistent as the soup I had for lunch.

    This is the same crowd who brought their 8 year olds to a hospice, where other patients were DYING in peace, and asked them to sprint past security with glasses of water while taping the word, "life" over their mouths.

    I can honestly say this is the wing of the Republican party that threatens our way of life more than anything, and that we should smoke em out of their caves.

  2. Heya - thanks Blue Gal!

    -Becca Morn
    Proprietor and owner of the demented brain hamster that goes by the name "A Mind is a Terrible Thing"

  3. jeremy,
    you should check out "rightwingsparkle" a real piece of work it is...

    Nice grab on the "A Mind is a Terrible Thing" blog... I have added her to my "Echoing Voices". Thank you.

    I'll never eat another Twinky in quite the same way again.

  4. Hey Jeremy, you need look no further than Fox News to get your dose of spin. I watched it this afternoon (as usual -- against my will, cuz some dumb ass at the gym insisted the TV be tuned to Fox) and got my fill of hate and prejudice . . . and smugness. You'd think with their fearless leaders going down in flames, they wouldn't be so damned smug.

  5. When I saw Twinkie panties, my immediate thought was, “Ohm’God, is Twinkie, Twinkly….I guess it’s Twinkle (nee) Andress... tryin’ to upstage Loretta (pantie-less) Nall? If so, Loretta must be scaring the panties off of even those favored by our oppressive ballot access law.


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