Saturday, April 29

A buncha loose ends...


Our pal W. David Stephenson got his most excellent rant against Exxon picked up by the wonderful Mike at Crooks and Liars, then emailed me to say that a link from Blue Gal is never superfluous. Blue Gal's blushing, doll!

Does anybody know what happened to Emails from Jesus? (broken link as of this writing.) I was gonna send him links to the Jesus Pan, so his image can show up on yer grilled cheese, natch, and also the Christian Boxers above, which answer one of the remaining theological questions of our day, what was under the shroud, dude? If anyone knows where Jesus is, besides mysteriously appearing on top of my morning pancakes, let us all know in comments. It's just like those passive-voice postcards from church, Jesus: "You are missed."

Hadda chance yesterday to meet Kathy from Birmingham Blues. She rocks, but you knew that. Always take advantage of meeting your fellow bloggers f2f, people. It's always worth it. On that note, Hey Jenny Slater and Blue Gal are working on getting a Drinking Liberally group started here in Birmingham. Watch this space.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    QM, I dunna know where out sweet Jesus went...I be tryin' t'pray t'him fer over a week now. At first, he was partly there (now, now, no blasphemy..) an'then he be gone.

    Do ye think th'Rapture happened an'we be 'left behind'?

  2. Nah. It has all the signs of a server problem. I prayed for him and his server at church this morning (for real). I'm sure Jesus will emerge from this tomb eventually.

  3. i heard something about being seated at the right hand of God, preparing to coming in glory to judge the quick and the dead...

    but that was this morning. things may have changed.

  4. I have met some of my blog friends f2f - Helen Wheels, Cookie Christine, Shockwave. You're right - it is very cool. This is a great community we have.

  5. Thanks for the link, BG. Lunch was fun, and I'm really ready for that Drinking Liberally group.

  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Jesus came back! Jesus came back! Satan came back too!


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