Sunday, April 23

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

This may be old news to some of you:

Fur-lined underwear has been banned in Uzbekistan after authorities deemed it too sexy.

Sales of the furry slips have rocketed in temperatures that have hit the region of below minus 20C.

But the government has now banned the lingerie saying they want to protect citizens from "unbridled fantasies" caused by wearing the soft fabric.

You mean, like the fantasy of being able to take off your fur lined panties without freezing your genitals?

Oh no, we know where those fur-lined panties fantasies can lead...

fur panties


  1. ROTFL! You killed me with that post!

  2. So let's recap our torture allies to the East...

    Fur-lined underwear = dangerous. Boiling people alive in water as punishment, not so much.

  3. Jeremy's link should come with a viewer adviser warning - graphic torture images. But my stepdaughter told me the same thing. Very repressive government, especially against Muslims. The fact that they want to control people's underwear is a sign of something much worse.

  4. (Insert smart ass witty comment here)

  5. O! The treacherous fur-lined brains of those oppressing nature! What'll they do next? Declare that there is a war on Christmas or Easter?

  6. yes, i thought that was the country that "helps out" with little details like screwing over human rights.
    the underwear thing, kinda reminds me of that old woody allen film, bananas. the dictator in that film had a word to say about underwear as well!

    me, hummmmm, i'm a victoria's secret gal! (my only other vice is chocolate, so, i'm not too awful!)

  7. The stupidity of sexually repressed people in power constantly amazes me.

    Torture: Okay.

    Fuzzy bag to keep you nads warm: Bad.


    These are our allies?

  8. Could we all, as Rodney King implored,"Just get along together", if we would just all be naked, or as we rednecks say, "nekkid"?


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