Monday, April 24

Mr. President, I'm raising open-minded, intelligent children over here. Do you mind?

A terrific photoshop, notice the seal in the background,
from Maurice Motut and posted to Rick Mercer's Blog

Bragging on Blue Gal's children today.

Was doing some play with the 3yo this weekend. Picture of one Barbie doll at the mall with her friends pops up. Black Barbie standing, two white Barbies sitting in the mall, all with shopping bags.

3yo points to standing black Barbie, and says, "She's shopping."

I say yep.

"And those," pointing to sitting white Barbies, "are her parents."

Oh lawdie Barbie's black and she's got two white mommies!

I love it! And her. 3yo has it all worked out, I'm tellin ya!

Then on Sunday 7yo boy (autism so high functioning I just plain give up) runs in from the kitchen. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is on NPR on the kitchen radio.

"MOM!" he yells. What?

"Carl Kasell stinks!" (I guess we won't be gettin' his voice on our home answering machine, then.)

So my 3yo gets the whole blended family thing and my 7yo has strong opinions about NPR news anchors. Am I supposed to have a problem with that?


  1. Cool! My kids are all political-minded too. They're progressives now; I just hope we don't have a conservative backlash when they're adults.

  2. HFA keeps getting better.

    Over his breakfast this morning, my own HFA dude trapped me in a discussion about the locus and nature of consciousness. In fact, the little beast tried to trap me into a contradiction about the smallest unit of consciousness in order to rub my nose into his theory that the whole is merely the sum of its parts and souls are an illusion.

    I got to explain what mind games are and why I object to them. Before my own breakfast. EEEK.

  3. right on, Blue Gal. Get on with your bad self.

  4. i'm so often amazed at what comes out of my 6yo kid's mouth.

  5. Can you move to New Jersey so your kids can be in my class someday? Maybe tomorrow?

  6. The Graphic is a HOWL!!

    And I have to say I was SOOooo proud of my H.S. daughter who took a *political leaning* quiz to rate folks on a scale from liberal to conservative. She turned out very Liberal (and is clearly TERRIBLY SMART too - Of Course an Open-minded Intelligent Child!)

    Tis hard work but worth the effort. Now IF i can just get Her out the door and on to College!!


  7. Karen: Don't kick her out too quickly. We sent our firstborn off to school this past fall, and I miss him, a lot.

  8. Awesome! That reminds me of something my 7-year-old daughter said the other day that blew me away.

    I was talking to my older sister on the phone. She lives in Montana, and we've both been so broke that we haven't been able to visit in person for several years, and Nancy Leigh doesn't remember what she looks like. "What color is your sister?", she asked. "Um, she has blond hair, and..." "No, Mommy - I mean, what color is she? Does she have brown skin or white?"

    I just hugged her extra-hard.

  9. Hi Blue Gal
    Alicia sent me. I'm new to blogging, and I gotta tell you I love this picture. I'll have to send it to my 1 year old granddaughter, who can get her little shapes into that tupperware ball a whole lot faster than Shrub.

  10. Glad we're all raising such forward minded kids! And if they rebel, hey, they'll still be following in mommy's footsteps...


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